Hair Loss: No scrollbars on long combobox


I’ve got RT 3.6.3 running and for the life of me I cannot get scrollbars
on drop down combo boxes. I have a combo box with a list of all the
rooms in my place of work (about 50 items) and I need these to fit in
one combobox, but rather than the expected scrollbars I just get a huge
list which you have to scroll down the page to see (which breaks
standard UI conventions - our end users will cry).

I’ve looked at Widgets/ComboBox and NoAuth/js/combobox.js and fiddled a
bit and nothing seems to be getting scrollbars to show. I’ve searched
high and low on Google, but searching for anything related to RT is
hard. I’ve had a look at the mailing list archives and found that a few
people have had this problem before but no one has replied to them -
hopefully someone can help me because this is a show-stopper as far as
I’m concerned and I’m going bald over it! Honest.

Thanks in advance to anyone who can help. The person who solves this
problem for me will be worshipped as a legend in my office for many
years to come.


Dane Elwell

ICT Technician

Birchwood Community High School | Brock Road | Warrington | WA3 7PT

IT Dept Tel: 01925 853508 | School Tel: 01925 853500 | Fax: 01925 853502