Groups and Ticketsharing

After surfing around quite some time and reading a bunch of, somtimes very
old, posts, i’d like to ask you about the basic concepts of groups.

I am still looking into giving all users from * the right to see
all tickets created for this company. I understand, that you cannot add
unprivileged users to groups, although there might have been a groupservice
extension back for RT 2, but i didn’t find any information, whether it is
compatible to our 3.8.2, which is currently running fine on our debian

Another concept discussed was to work on the search feature, so it shows all
tickets being created by, also involving to remove
SelfModify right, so one cannot change the given emailaddress to prevent
sneaking at other companies tickets.

Since i am not a programmer, i am looking for a nice and easy way, to get
this done. I assume, that a lot of other companies also need to do this; so
i am wondering how you tackled this approach.

Shouldn’t be that big deal, and i think, this is a quite common requirement.

To put it straight:
How can i get users from the same company getting informed about any ticket
created in any queue, they are member of( having queue 1, 2, 3, and user 4
is member of 1, 2, 3; user 5 is member of 1, 2 and user 6 is member of 1 and
3, user 5 mustn’t see 3 and user 6 mustn’t see 2)

Thanks for help, am looking into it for quite a while, perhaps someone can
point me in the right direction?

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