Gpg and enhanced mailgate


I have installed the enhanced mailgate and have stumbled into a confusing
problem. The box is running Redhat 6.2, rt 2.0.14, perl 5.6.1, apache 1.3.26
(with mod_perl and mod_ssl), gpg 1.0.7, sendmail .

From what I have gathered from previous discussion on the list about enhanced
mailgate and from the enhanced-mailgate.README my problem is that the signed
mail doesn’t get cleared. Why that is I have no idea… This is what happens.

If I send an unsigned mail to RT with ‘RT-Owner: foo’ a new ticket is created
and the owner is changed to foo.
If I send a signed mail to RT with ‘RT-Owner: foo’ a new ticket is created but
the owner is not changed

I have a couple of questions. Almost nothing gets logged in the rt-log, how do
I turn on debugging for enhanced mailgate? Is there anyone who recognize this
problem and could point me in the right direction?

gpg is working fine when I run it standalone.