Global Custom Fields and Permissions

Hello all again.

Sorry for the questions today. I’m seeing something strange that I don’t
quite understand dealing with
Global Custom Fields and permission.

I have three divisions that I support. Each division has it’s own
queue. The goal is to make each division
separate from each other due to concerns that some divisions shouldn’t be
able to see some of the other
divisions information.

But to make the tickets constant for the people like myself that have
purview over all three divisions we
setup a group of Global Custom Fields that all tickets should have.

Now when I go into the queue setup and give the support people access to
their divisions queue they can’t
see the custom fields. I went so far as to give them every possible right
at the queue level.

It’s only when I go to the global rights and give the user see queue there
that they
can see the custom fields. Does this sound right. When I do this it gives
the user the ability to see the
activity in the queues but It looks like they can’t see actual tickets.

This just sounds a bit weird to me.