Giving correct rights in RT3

I seem to be having a problem with autocreated users in RT3, and group
rights in general.

First problem: When a user is automatically created through the web
interface (by means of first authenticating with Radius, and then
having the system create a user per the REMOTE_USER variable), I get
these errors in the log:

[Thu Apr 10 05:45:00 2003] [crit]: User 217 is neither privileged nor unprivileged. something is drastically wrong. (/home/rt/lib/RT/

This is quite serious, since it means that if the user then tries to
send a support mail, we get these errors:

[Thu Apr 10 05:45:48 2003] [crit]: No permission to create tickets in the queue ‘General’ (/home/rt/lib/RT/Interface/
[Thu Apr 10 05:45:48 2003] [error]: Create failed: 0 / 0 / No permission to create tickets in the queue ‘General’ (/home/rt/lib/RT/Interface/

While that could be seen as an advantage, I don’t think our students
would agree :slight_smile:

Second problem: When a user has been created through the mail
interface, sending support mail works. However, for both this user,
and the one above, they can not file any new reports in the web
interface because the select box where they select Queue (in
/SelfService/Create.html) is empty. They do not get to see any of the
queues available.

I have modified the system group Everyone to include the global right
"SeeQueue" to no avail.

Jonas �berg
Systems administrator/webmaster, Department of Informatics,
School of Economics and Commercial Law, Gothenburg University.
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