Getting an E-Mail Address when using mod_auth_mysql

My users are stored in an external MySQL database.

I wanted to do direct authentication against that MySQL database with an
RT custom authentication module, but it seems that none exist for MySQL
and there is no way to point RT at a different table to its own for
authentication that I can see.

So, with a heavy heart, I am settling on using mod_auth_mysql for
authentication, but the problem is that there is no way I can see for
mod_auth_mysql to pass e-mail addresses into RT.

What this means is that, short of recoding and re-compiling a custom
mod_auth_mysql, I have to find a place to insert code just after
WebExternalAuth has picked up the username and password from apache and
then perform a manual lookup direct to the u/p database to pick up the
e-mail address that goes with the user that was just authenticated so
that when the user is created, it is created with a valid e-mail
address. But I do not know how.

ALTERNATIVELY – if /ANYONE/ can aid in the development of a custom
MySQL authentication module that can read in u/p/e from a mysql table
and perform direct auth on it, it would completely solve all my problems.
Kind Regards,

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