Get Priority of a Incidnet Report on Incident creation

Hello All,

How do i get the value of a Incident Report Priority when i open a Incident from that IR?

I already used a lot of combinations like $self->TicketObj->Priority or $self->TicketObj->FirstCustomFieldValue(‘Priority’) but it’s not working.

any help?

See here:
Priority should work I’d think

The $self->TicketObj->Priority works. Gives me the value of the priority in that right moment of the incident, that is manual set when its open. I want the value of the priority of the Incident Report that was used to open the incident.

FirstCustomFieldValue worked in the past, but priority its not a custom field anymore.

Oh you need to grab the first transaction and check there

Do you have any pratical example?

Not off the top of my head, actually does ->InitialPriority called on the ticket object work?

still get the incident priority (0)

Is it set to low? There is a priority as string mapping between numeric values and sting values

No, the Incident Report got a 4 in is priority. I get 0, that might be the value of the Incident created.