General questions about RT

Hi there,

We are currently thinking about setting up a ticket system and RT seems to offer all functions we need.
Currently I am in a discussion with our web team and I am still unsure about a few things, if and how this could be implemented.
We want to offer a contact form on our web pages, which enables our customers to fill in all required information, like email address, problem description and so on. Currently it is planned, that this will act as a kind of “form mailer” and mail all those information to a specified email address.

But, would it be possible to skip the email way? It would be much more convenient when the “form mailer” could access directly RT without sending a email before to the gateway. So our contact form should directly send the information to TR. Can this be performed somehow via command line, database manipulation or whatever?

The second question would be: We are planning to offer multilingual support, so depending on the language the message should be place in a separate Queue, one for English, one for German and so on. This should be absolutely no problem I guess?

And the 3rd, even most important question. Since there are hundreds of different products, is it possible to assign categories for each ticket? So specific agents can search only for a specific product, or they can modify their filter conditions to “Show me only tickets from Queue X with category/product y”

Thank you very much for your help,

Sebastian S.