FYI: RT v1 Database Schema Docs



I poked around the FAQ and the docs looking for the db schema
docs for RT v1. I didn’t have much luck finding any so I made
some[1]. They might even be accurate:

Please let me know if there are any glaring errors or omissions and
I’ll correct them ASARA (As Soon As Reasonably Achievable).

BTW, this all fell out of a project to generate reports beyond what
the current contributed report generators provide. As usual, when
I’m done with my special brand of report generation code (e.g. titles
of tickets opened, closed and acted upon in the last week), I’ll post
it as well. I’m certain that many people could use an automated
"God-Awful Inescapable Weekly Status Report Generator" to keep
the hounds of upper management at bay.

Have fun,

– Bob