FYI - my fix for CSS / Segmentation faults

I had problems with the CSS / Segmentation faults. I fixed it by installing
a source version of Perl.

Before I had the following :
Perl 5.6.0 RPM (the one on RH7.1 CD),
Apache & mod_perl RPM’s
I had loads of Segmentation faults.

I then re-installed Apache from source with mod_perl static.
Still, despite the static mod_perl, I had the Segmentation faults.

Next I removed the Perl installation and installed a source-version of 5.6.1
and it now works like a charm! I have not checked this proporly with a
non-static mod_perl, but I would be interested if it still moans.

I dont know if this might have been some instability in the Perl version,
but please try this and let me know if you had the same results.

I did this on both my development and production versions and no problem
with the CSS again.

I hope this helps.

Rehan van der Merwe