FW: RT-Mailgate + Postfix on SLES10 Not Receiving Mail


Oct 29 18:17:35 dt-rt postfix/local[7122]: ED9E318235:
to=<???/opt/rt3/bin/rt???mailgate ???queue General ???action
correspond ???url>,
orig_to=helpdesk@dt-rt.yyy.com, relay=local, delay=1, status=bounced
(unknown user: “???/opt/rt3/bin/rt???mailgate ???queue general
???action correspond ???url”)

your problem lies in the lines above. you apparently have some
non-ascii / non-printable characters in your alias definition which
postfix is choking on. make sure that when you’re editing your aliases
file that you’re using single-byte ASCII characters and not double-byte
or extended ASCII characters.

hope this helps.