FW: RT configuration question


I am trying to set up Request Tracker. Everything seems to be running,
but I am not able to get RT to send mail. I get the following error when
I try this:

[Mon Jan 29 15:35:57 2001] [error] [client] malformed header
from script. Bad header=Recipient names must be specif:
Could not send mail :frowning:

Tried to launch this command: /usr/sbin/sendmail

I am able to send e-mail from the command line with sendmail. I suspect
that I may need to add command line arguments in the config.pm file, but
Iā€™m not sure what to use. Is there anything you can recommend?
I am running MySQL 3.23 on RH7.0.

Thanks for the help,
Jon Mansfield
Network Coordinator
Risdon AMS (USA) Inc.
(203) 720-4809

config.pm (3.39 KB)