FW: Replying to Resolved tickets reopens them - this is not what I want

I searched the script you said in RT3, but didn’t find it.
Will this only block the reopening, but not the add of the
Wholdn’t it be better to create a right “Reopen Ticket” and assign it or
not to the user or group?

Thanks for any response.

Samuel SenonerFrom: Phil Homewood [mailto:pdh@snapgear.com]
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Subject: Re: [rt-users] Replying to Resolved tickets reopens them - this
is not what I want

Scott Newton wrote:

When we Resolve a ticket from OS-Install, and the user responds back
(usually to say thanks or via “Out of Office” autoreply) it reopens
the ticket. I thought I had stripped out all the rights that allow
this, but apparently something is still letting it happen.

You don’t say which RT version you’re using. In RT3 this is handled by
an OpenTickets scrip, which you can disable. In RT2 you need to find and
exterminate some code buried in RT::ticket::Correspond().
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