FW: Patch for rt to process tickets with the same subject?


So we do a lot of our RT work here via email. We’re running rt-3.6.5
with RTFM on Ubuntu Server 7.10. If someone replies to a thread, it
will open up a new ticket, so then it makes it difficult to track down
the original ticket.


queue name is department@somedomain.com
All our email is handled on our Exchange server.
the RT box polls the Exchange server every minute via fetchmail, here’s
a snippet of the /root/.fetchmailrc

username departmentname@domain.com password ‘something’ mda
“/opt/rt3/bin/rt-mailgate --queue ‘Department Projects’ --action
correspond --url http://internal.ticketing.server
username departmentname-comments@domain.com password ‘somethingelse’
mda “/opt/rt3/bin/rt-mailgate --queue ‘Department Projects’ --action
comment --url http://internal.ticketing.server

So if I send an email to departmentname@domain.com with subject “ticket
for foo” It will create a ticket. If someone else replies, even with
the same subject, another ticket will be created.

I tried applying the patch here:

but sinec that’s for an older version of RT (3.4 vs. 3.6.5) I managed to
apply it but then no emails were being sent out at all (so not a valid

Sorry if I’m beign unclear, I’m trying as best I can to describe the
issue as clearly as possible.