FW: Custom Statuses

Here is small patch for RT 2.0.15 WebRT/html/Ticket/Display.html

Hope this helps.


Display.html.patch (703 Bytes)

We have the same requirements here regarding custom statuses above and
beyond what is provided via default in RT.

First off, I agree completely with what Dave writes below.

Our requirements for statuses that aren’t included as part of RT’s
default status settings are:

Resolved: Awaiting Approval
Resolved: Closed

“Pendng” is necessary because selecting “Stalled” has the effect of
removing it from view. “Pending” is more in the mind of “awaiting user
input” or something similar. We also have need for “Stalled” because of
the numerous projects that get initiated and/or preempted by other RT

The differing “Resolved” statuses would operate in a much different
manner thant the current “Resolved” status. When a ticket’s status is
changed to “Resolved” and a user replies to the resolution notification
e-mail, the ticket gets placed back into an “Open” status. We would like
to see a “Resolved: Closed” status that wouldn’t allow a user to re-open
an existing ticket, but instead open a new ticket.

A ticket in a “Resolved: Awaiting Approval” status not necessarily close
the ticket, but user input would not reopen it, either. Additionally,
the default notification for resolution would go out on both resolution

Rebecca Kastl
Network Administrator
Varsity Gold, Inc.