Fw: bulk change ownership

I think Martin’s patch is a good one, I already patched my copy of RT with
just about the same line of code that Martin made, only I patched ACE.pm
well… I’ll include the patches I have for letting someone change the
ownership of tickets… This person in our office doesn’t have rights to
modify users, or anything, so the superuser patch doesn’t work well…
Anyhow, now she can route tickets to the correct owners as she gets word
who needs to do what… things in our office are ‘assigned’ to people per
say by admins, and the secretary does the job of moving the actual
around… I think that this is normal business practice for MOST
to shuffle support calls around via a managerial person… I think that
there should be another ACL option as well as the SuperUser that can do


Well the point is that if you are changing the owner of a ticket and you
not the owner, you have to “steal” because this explicitly means that
changing the owner, i.e. you’re not just doing it by accident.


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members. Now all reassigned tickets have to be stolen by the

stuff member

individualy, but it would be more easily for all if we could to

that online on

the meeting …

Use a user with sufficient rights. I’m not quite familiar with RT’s

ace_ownermodify.patch (1.13 KB)