Fully Removing Queues, Users, Etc

First a little background.

We have 2 companies using the same RT instance, each with access to a different set of queues… This worked well for multiple years. Now for non technical reasons () we need to separate one of the companies out. So they can import their queues into new Instance of RT.

What I figured would be the best way to do this (FSVO best), was to the dump the existing RT DB, spin it up i a new VM, and then basically shred everything that belongs to Company A, and give the resulting Database to Company B…

I;ve been playing with rt-shredder and Appear to be all set a removing all of Company A’s tickets. Is there an easy way to remove the queue’s using shredder? The object plugin doesn’t seem to like queue, giving errors such as

/usr/local/sbin/rt-shredder --plugin ‘Objects=Queue,Sales’

Loaded object has different id at /usr/local/lib/perl5/site_perl/RT/Shredder.pm line 366.

Also running into issues with shredding users from CompanyA

/usr/local/sbin/rt-shredder --plugin ‘Users=name,%@companya.nett;status,enabled;replace_relations,nobody;limit,10000000’

or variations on the above all seem to end with

Couldn’t wipeout object: Group already has member: Nobody

I am sure it is Order of Operations / race condition issue.

Has anybody every had to do this?

Or is there an easy way to export Users/Custom Fields/Queues from 1 Instance of RT to import to another?

Pointers, Ideas, etc… All appreciated.