From email blank on comment

Hello All,

I also joined the #RT channel on to post this question, but it looks like there is much more activity here.

I am investigating a couple of issues with outbound emails from RT this week, specifically on comment emails being delivered with a blank from email address and not able to explicitly set on comment notify admincc. I suspect the latter is due to a misunderstanding of admincc, but essentially, when adding a comment to a ticket, the admincc list includes all members of the group responsible for the queue and not just the explicit admincc of the individual ticket.

Am I totally missing what admincc means in this context?

The blank from address is a far more pressing issue, as it is causing mail to end up in spam/junk folders.

Any and all help or guidance is much appreciated, thank you all.


Edward Appel

AdminCc can be set at the ticket along with the queue level Admin->Queues->Watchers so its possible for users to be AdminCc by default on all tickets in a queue.

You can check the email template that generates the OnComment email and see if it is doing something weird. Or more likely, what do you have set for your comment address in your RT config? You can also see this on the Admin->Queue->Some queue page.

Hi KNation,

Thank you for your response on this, and sure enough my RT Config was set to null for the OnComment email, that solved that issue.

However, looking at Admin->Queue->Watchers there are none currently configured. When we go to into a ticket and click the add comment, there is a list of BCC at the bottom of this page with all members of our “support” group checked by default. The behavior we are trying to accomplish here is to have only the explicit admincc of the ticket notified, not all of the current admincc coming from the support group.

This is why I am not sure if I am fully understanding the admincc designation.

What do you want the support group to be notified of? By default AdminCc receives comments and replies on tickets

Actually, I was incorrect. The queue did in fact have the support group as a watcher, removing this has solved the issue. And to elaborate, the support group already gets notified of new and resolved tickets and that is about the extent we want sent to the whole group.

Thank you again for the quick and helpful advice!