Fresh install of RT 3.6.6 - admin leary of upgradeto 3.8.1

Check this link out. Great step by step tutorial for Centos.
Sent: Tue Sep 16 10:22:02 2008
Subject: Re: [rt-users] Fresh install of RT 3.6.6 - admin leary of upgradeto 3.8.1

Thanks for your response. Couple of things…my sysadmin is out to VMworld this week - so my project is just sitting still. I’m willing to give it a whirl myself - but I’m not great with CPAN or Pearl at any level. I’ve got VMware workstation 6 and am willing to put on any distro (CentOS is my preferred, RHEL, Ubuntu, Fedora, etc) and do a complete fresh install of 3.8.1.

However - I need as close to step by step instructions as I can get and I find those severely lacking. I can get MySQL installed, Apache, etc. but customizing the install and building the images from source is not something I am adept at.

Any links to a great spot to point for N00b insructions for RT 3.8.1 clean install? I know that seems to be a contradiction with this product whereas if I was installing Wordpress for example- it really is a 5 minute install and tons and tons of great documentation for 1st timers. RT seems to be in another world altogether. I’m fine with the CLI on Linux for 50% of what needs to be done - but like I mentioned - compiling apps is a bit dicey for me (I find myself particularly troubled when I run into errors and have no idea what they mean and where to go from there).


Todd Christensen