Fresh install of RT 3.6.6 - admin leary of upgrade to3.8.1

Any way you can do a fresh install of 3.8.1 and then just import the database? Since its just for a POC.From:
Sent: Mon Sep 15 17:52:32 2008
Subject: [rt-users] Fresh install of RT 3.6.6 - admin leary of upgrade to3.8.1


I’ve used RT at another company (didn’t set it up - was just a participant @ management level) and am trying to get it introduced here where I am now. The default linux distro is Suse linux of which one of my admins tried for a few hours to get RT 3.6.6 to install on Suse and finally gave up and did it on RHEL 5. He was really fed up with the lack of documentation - looked at the wiki and and after not finding any RPM’s was really reluctant to take the track in getting all the separate modules setup in Apache and Pearl. Needless to say - he did get RT 3.6.6 to work on RHEL (basic login screen - nothing customized or “pretty”).

I had asked for 3.8.1 as I had seen all the big updates come out this summer. He basically won’t budge from here as he finally found instructions and an RPM that someone put together that worked for RHEL and 3.6.6. He’s really worried that the platform is really unstable and is sure that it will break if he goes forward to 3.8.1 and has said after looking that nobody is making the upgrade successful and getting to 3.8.1.

My problem is that this is a proof of concept but I sold management in looking at it based off of what 3.8 looks like - not 3.6.6 as there has been a ton of updates to the GUI - etc.

I spent some time today looking at what it takes to get it up and going and checking the wiki along with gossamer-threads and there isn’t a clear method to get to 3.8.1. My experience with Open source has always been more straight forward than how I’m finding out how the backend of RT is put together. Lots of pearl modules, lots of CPAN which adds a lot of complexities.

Is my POC project doomed? Is there a secret RT site that Google can’t find that has all the awesome FAQ’s or install steps/gotchas to get to 3.8.1? I’d like to setup 3.8.1 with MySQL myself on CENTOS 5.1 - but I don’t have days and days to scour the web for each little problem and dependency. I’ve got an admin that is fairly adept but I need something straightforward for him to see and use before I can get anymore time out of him (different reporting structure - not in my group).

Sorry for the lengthy background - but it’s worthwhile to know my dilemma in getting to 3.8.1 right from the start.