Forwarding a ticket not creating a ticket in new queue

I have upgraded my RT from 4.0 to 4.2. Now when I am forwarding any existing ticket to a other queue it’s not creating a new ticket in the queue to which ticket is forwarded.

Could anyone please let me know how can I fix / configure it.

Is there anything in the logs that points to an error in on the web UI?

I cannot see any error in the web ui. When i forward the ticket to other queue, it is showing in the history of the existing queue. But no ticket is getting created in the new queue to which it is forwarded.

You are forwarding the ticket from RT to another RT email address? Is this email address one of the values captured in your RTAddressRegexp regex config setting?

You should also check your RT logs for any additional logging, I would guess RT is avoiding a mail loop and not sending an email to itself.

What is the reason that you want to duplicate a ticket in another queue?

Yeah. It might be the reason that it is not sending mail upon forwarding , that’s why new ticket is not getting created. I have one RTAddressReagex variable also.
The reasin I am forwarding the ticket is because sometimes the user is wrongly assigning the ticket to some wrong queue, I am trying to forward the ticket to the correct queue

You can just change the Queue of the ticket under the ticket’s basics tab

Ok. Thanks for the information. Will check it.

Not able to create tickets in a new queue by forwarding the ticket. Please help me on it.

I saw two error logged in my log file.

  1. Ticket creation failed: Can’t call method “Subject” on an undefined value at template

2)Ticket creation failed: Can’t call method “Content” on an undefined value at template line 1.

Did Craig’s advice to not forward and just change the queue in ticket basics not work for you? Changing the queue isn’t creating a new ticket, its just changing the queue that the existing ticket is assigned to.

Yeah, actually the user wants to follow the old process, what they are following from the beginning. So they want to forward the ticket to a queue mail adress, and create a ticket in the new queue.

As I informed earlier, I can see two error messages in the log file. Please help ne yo configure it.

Are there any ‘auto reply’ scrips that fire on create for your RT?

It sounds like whichever template you have set for forwarding has some error, i’d take a look there to start.

There is an auto reply scrip for normal ticket creation process.

Could you please tell me the scrip details which i can create to achieve the desired process.

Also please let me know anything else to follow

Could anyone please help me on this issue.

You should look at the template for forwarding and see why Subject and Content are undefined

I am still working on this issue.
I am getting this below new error. I thing this is the main issue. RT is not sending msail to itself

Could not record email: Message Bounced (/ds1/app/RT/RT4/share/html/REST/1.0/NoAuth/mail-gateway:75)

Could you please guide me how to proceed, I am not finding any solution over web

HI Team, Could anyone please tell me how to fix it. The message bounce error

Are you creating a mail loop?

I am forwarding a ticket to another queue’s mail address. So mail loop may be getting created

Hi, When I am forwarding ticket it is showing message recorded.Not able to create ticket.
Could anyone please help me on his.