$ForwardFromUser=1 should disable reply-to $CorrespondAddress


I got a complaint from an user because
1 - someone forwarded a ticket message
2 - the recipient replied to the mail with a comment that was intended only for the person who forwarded the message
3 - instead, the message went to all ticket watchers, which was not the outcome expected by both parties

to address this, I set ForwardFromUser to 1 and tested it.

1 - the forwarded message had from: forwarder user email and no RT subject tag (good)
2 - the forwarded message also had reply-to set to $CorrespondAddress. then when the person received the forward replied by email, they sent a message to $CorrespondAddress with no subject tag, which apparently was silently ignored by RT
3 - this resulted in avoiding unintendedly flooding the reply to all ticket watchers (good), but also in the reply message not being delivered (bad).
the reply was delivered to RT administrators ("Ticket creation failed: ")

to fix this, I would suggest that, when
a) a message is forwarded
b) ForwardFromUser is set to 1
then the reply-to : $CorrespondAddress is NOT added to the message headers


=item C<$ForwardFromUser>

By default, RT forwards a message using queue’s address and adds RT’s
tag into subject of the outgoing message, so recipients’ replies go
into RT as correspondents.

To change this behavior, set C<$ForwardFromUser> to 1 and RT
will use the address of the current user and remove RT’s subject tag.


Set($ForwardFromUser, 1);