Foresight still has webrt troubles

Even though our WebRT mostly works, we cannot find the exact cause of
our server error troubles
as described by this example memo from our VP Engineerring.

Note that the transaction completes but the comment text gets lost.
Those comments are in
/var/rt/transact . Who should own this tree? the web server? RT?

After an NFS “event” that resulted in wrong ownership on several folders
– including WebRT and MySQL – we started seeing these errors. We have
a second WebRT install at another site and we set our files
exactly like their files with CHOWN and CHMOD. Several things cleared
up, but we still have this trouble.
Since we are neither APACHE web server mavins nor are we MySQL server
mavins, we are at a loss
for how to proceed without spending loads of time to ramp up. I’m
hoping that you have seen this situation
before and an direct us to a path where we might find a solution sooner
rather than later.

Hi Dan,

I'm still getting the Internal Server Error when I add a comment and
change the status at the same time.  I can't tell which action the error
is associated with, but the status change occurs and the comment is
lost.  If I do the comment separately, it seems to work.


Paul Stoaks
Vice President of Engineering
Foresight Systems, Inc.
(512) 335-7450 x228