Force email of text/plain files to be attachments instead of inline

When adding text files as attachments to emails on RT 3.8.1 the system
seems to always include them inline instead of as attachments. This
causes the attachment to be difficult to access for the recipient. I
need to be able to send small license files to requestors with a
particular file name. The files themselves are about as human-readable
as pem encoded x509 certificates, so accidental changes would be likely
and it’s confusing to the requestor. The filename needs to be preserved
as well. I already have


but that only seems to effect the web interface, not emails that are
being sent out.


Just wondering if anyone had any ideas as to where to start looking.
I’m probably dangerous enough in perl to work with the code if I can
find it, but I haven’t even been able to find the right section of the code.


Jon Tollerton wrote: