Fix for sendmailpipe errors in mailgate

In the past day or two, someone was reporting seeing errors related to

The attached patch should take care of that and will be in 2.0.4

Index: bin/rt-mailgate
RCS file: /raid/cvsroot/rt/bin/Attic/rt-mailgate,v
retrieving revision
diff -r1.1.2.12 rt-mailgate
< $entity->send($RT::MailCommand, $RT::MailParams);

if ($RT::MailCommand eq 'sendmailpipe') {
    open (MAIL, "|$RT::SendmailPath $RT::SendmailArguments") || return(0);
    print MAIL $entity->as_string;
else {

$entity->send($RT::MailCommand, $RT::MailParams);
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