Fix for Fetchmail Error 127


I posted an issue to this list that I was having with Fetchmail and the
RT mailgate on Windows 2003 Server. I have found a fix for this
problem. The RT version that was installed was 3.0.12 from OurInternet.
What I had to do to fix the problem was install RT and all components.
Then I installed openssh for windows and started the openssh service.
When I tried to run Fetchmail it gave an error that stated that I had 2
versions of cygwin1.dll installed on the system and I needed to remove
the oldest version. I stopped the openssh service, deleted cygwin1.dll
found in C:\Program Files\openssh. Ran Fetchmail again and now all
emails are flushed and all smtp is sent out. This was a total accident.
I have no Idea what this did to fix the issue I was having. Can anyone
explain to me what was going wrong with my RT install previous to
installing openSSH? Thank you.

Jeffrey Botts
University of Utah
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