Fill associated custom fields based on content from another field

Is it possible to populate custom fields based on the value entered in a mandatory field using a SQL database or CSV file?

I am trying to interface with our client database so that when a user enters a client name in a custom field, other custom fields for telephone number and address are automatically filled accordingly.

Do you mean “live” whilst filling in the form containing the “master” custom field (eg client’s name) or when the ticket is updated using a scrip? The latter should definitely be possible - effectively the scrip can talk to the remote SQL database, CSV file, web service, etc, look up the data and then update the appropriate CFs in the associated ticket.

The former might be more tricky. You can populate choices for an individual custom field from an external source (see this documentation for example) but I think if you want to update other CFs based on the selected option you might need quite a bit of hackery (possibly involving some custom javascript to update CFs in whatever RT form you’re using).

Thank you for the tip, I was able to come up with a simple perl module to fetch the completion info from a CSV. From there, I added a scrip “on transaction” that updates the associated fields (ie. telephone number & address) for the selected client company. This works OK for our needs and low volume transaction.

I am also having the same Issue. Did you get any solution?

As stated above, I am able to fetch information to fill out other fields when hitting “Save” but this isn’t done interactively. This would probably require some Javascript wizardry, the backend of RT is too archaic to support it out of the box IMO.

RT definitely allows you to write your own JS code, so you could use that and maybe a custom helper/ as an endpoint for JS to get data from?