Feeling the pain :(

Ok either I am extremely tired (been debugging this for nearly 5 hours) or I
am wholy retarded.

I get through the install process only to get confronted with problems
restarting apache when I get to

mod_perl 2

Add the following line to the VirtualHost section of Apache from which
you wish to serve RT, (possibly in the file
/etc/apache2/sites-enabled/default). When editing files in the apache2
sites-enabled and mods-enabled directories you should be very careful
not to leave behind editor backup files (such as *~ for emacs). These
will also be read when the server is restarted and cause general

Include “/etc/request-tracker3.6/apache2-modperl2.conf”


I literally have used multiple versions of this file and when I even bother
to do that apache complains with a

/etc/init.d/apache2 restart

gives me a failure

I know I probably am going to get a whole grundle load of flames but I wold
love to find out the following

  1. I am using this as a basic “localhost” configuration and want to use the
    email interface

  2. Would love a nice “drag and drop solution” (nothing worse than hosing
    your entire apache configuration and literally praying to get them back)
    something like the no frills localhost files

  3. where exactly I can use a numeric ip when I locate my machine’s ip

I did the whole database user, I did the whole permissions thing and I
confirmed that I can see this stuff but it’s like the miracle of linking
with the software on disk and apache to communicate is the straw that is
breaking the camel’s back and if I can get something basic that will work
for 1) email networking 2) access through the web then I may be able to
worry about additional crazy network issues

Thanks in advance :slight_smile: