Faster replies for tickets from VIP

I have a handful of VIPs that have a tendency to email me directly. After a few years of forwarding their messages, changing the ticket’s requestor, etc. my boss asked the big boss to talk to them about this. The compromise that was reached is this: They’ll send it to RT but we have to respond to their tickets before other people’s.

What would you suggest as a way to make sure email from these few VIPs stands out and we notice them quicker?

The best idea I have so far is to make a custom search, save it, and add it to the home page’s layout. This could help a little, but I feel like there might be a better way using Scrips or something similar.

Any suggestions?

On create have a scrip that checks the mail address. If VIP, set priority to 100 or priorityAsString to highest level

You could add some JS to add some CSS coloring to the search result row where priority is highest as well to make it standout

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Or/and order your search by highest priority. Up to you

How can I make a scrip check the requestor’s email address? I don’t see how to do that.

Admin->Scrips you can create a new scrip, you can use the “On Create” existing condition then you will need to have a user defined action.

You can add you check for the VIP requestor in the action prep code and then the code to set the priority in the action commit code.

user defined action, can be something like (dont look to hard at the code, im doing this whilst cooking):

Custom action preparation code:
if( $self->TicketObj->Status eq “new” &&
$self->TicketObj->RequestorAddresses =~ / )) {
#Do stuff
return 1;

Custom action commit code:
return 1;

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Sorry the priority should be an integer, in that example. #multitaskfail