Fastcgi error


I’m using (or trying to use) rt 3.2.2 on a Linux box running Fedora Core 2.

I’ve been able to get the software to show me it’s web interface, but
not have mail received by it. But that’s not important right now.

Aparently, someone changed our apache config, and blew away something
relating to rt. I’m getting the following error in apache:

[warn] FastCGI: (dynamic) server “/opt/rt3/bin/mason_handler.fcgi” has
failed to remain running for 30 seconds given 3 attempts, its restart
interval has been backed off to 600 seconds

Here’s what I have related to rt in the apache.conf file.


(I’d want it to be accessed from the doc root on port 2029)

AddModule mod_fastcgi.c
Options ExecCGI

AddHandler fastcgi-script .fcg .fcgi # Tell FastCGI to put its
temporary files somewhere sane.
#FastCgiIpcDir /tmp

ScriptAlias / /opt/rt3/bin/mason_handler.fcgi/

AddDefaultCharset UTF-8
SetHandler fastcgi-script

Alias /NoAuth/images/ /opt/rt3/share/html/NoAuth/images/
FastCgiServer /opt/rt3/bin/mason_handler.fcgi -idle-timeout 120

All I know is that something is missing. If someone could please help
me stop banging my head against a wall over this problem, that would
rock. I’d much rather go back to banging my head against the wall
over why the mail isn’t getting to the linux box.

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