Extreme slowness on new request-tracker installation


Trying to use RT for the first time and I’m having trouble getting it to
run on Debian. I have an unholy mix of “stable” and “testing” so that
might be the problem right off the bat.

The symptom is that, though it looks to be actually running, it runs
very slowly and takes up all of the computer’s resources. It starts
being very slow as soon as I restart apache. By very slow, I mean it
does things on the order of minutes: I can’t load any web pages on our
server for several minutes, and I can’t log in to rt as root even after
many minutes (though it does reject a bad login after only a few
minutes). This is a fresh installation of postgres too, no huge
database to worry about.

About versions: I have:

  • request tracker 2.0.14
  • postgres 7.2.1

Versions of packages request-tracker depends on:
ii apache [httpd] Versatile, high-performance
ii libapache-dbi-perl 0.89-1.1 Connect apache server to
ii libapache-mod-perl 1.27-4 Integration of perl with
the Apach
ii libapache-request-perl 1.1-0.1 Generic Apache Request
ii libapache-session-perl 1.54-1 Perl modules for keeping
ii libdate-manip-perl 5.40-1 a perl library for
manipulating da
ii libdbd-mysql-perl 2.1027-1 A Perl5 database interface
to the
ii libdbd-pg-perl 1.22-2 a PostgreSQL interface for
Perl 5
ii libdbix-datasource-perl 0.02-3 Database-independent create
and dr
ii libdbix-dbschema-perl 0.21-1 Database-independent schema
ii libdbix-searchbuilder-perl 0.92-2 Perl extension for easy SQL
ii libfreezethaw-perl 0.41-2 converting Perl structures
to stri
ii libhtml-mason-perl 1.04-1 HTML::Mason Perl module
ii liblog-dispatch-perl 1.79-1 Dispatches messages to
multiple Lo
ii libmime-perl 5.411-1 Perl5 modules for
MIME-compliant m
ii libmldbm-perl 2.00-9 MLDBM perl module
ii libparams-validate-perl 0.04-1 Validate parameters to Perl
ii libtext-template-perl 1.42-2 Text::Template perl module
ii libtext-wrapper-perl 1.000-1 Simple word wrapping
ii libtie-ixhash-perl 1.21-1 ordered associative arrays
for Per
ii make 3.79.1-14 The GNU version of the
"make" util
ii perl [libdigest-md5-perl] 5.8.0-18 Larry Wall’s Practical
ii perl-modules [libcgi-pm-perl] 5.8.0-18 Core Perl modules.
ii wwwconfig-common 0.0.19 Debian web auto