Extract X-Arf

I am using RT for an abuse desk. I receive loads of reports from AOL’s
scomp spam reporter in X-Arf format. X-Arf consists of multi-part mime
messages reporting the spam and containing the original header
information. Ideally I would like to extract some of the headers of the
second and third part into custom fields. X-Imp-User is definitely of
interest. Currently the subject of the reports is just the smtp server
it came from, making managing this a extremely tedious to almost
impossible job. Seems X-arf took off as a great reporting tool but no
way to mine the reports! I have been using
RT-Extension-ExtractCustomFieldValues but it does not appear to be
working. I have decided I will ‘try’ to craft ExtractCustomFieldValues
itself to possibly ExtractXarfValues as another extension if need be.

Thank you,
Bryan Taylor