External Authentication with LDAP menssager erro!

After the configuration / opt/rt4/etc/RT_Siteconfig and /
opt/rt4/local/plugins/RT-Authen-ExternalAuth/etc/RT_Siteconfig he show me
this Feedback below.

Set up where I can be wrong or WHAT?

%# BEGIN BPS TAGGED BLOCK {{{ %# %# COPYRIGHT: %# %# This software is
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license to use, copy, create derivative %# works based on those
contributions, and sublicense and distribute %# those contributions and any
derivatives thereof. %# %# END BPS TAGGED BLOCK }}} <%init> my ($good, $msg)
= RT::Interface::Web::AttemptPasswordAuthentication(%ARGS);
$ARGS{‘actions’} = [$msg] if not $good and $msg; <& /Elements/Login, %ARGS


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This file only contains an example, this config isn’t used for RT:


The content however can be included in this file:


In there you’ll have to make sure that everything is configured for your

Adding this line to your RT_SiteConfig will help finding problems, might
help a bit:

Set($LogToSyslog, “debug”);

And, last but not least. Make sure you’ve loaded the plugin in your

How we have the plugins set, ExternalAuth at the end.

Set(@Plugins, (qw(RT::Extension::SLA RT::Extension::HistoryFilter
RT::Extension::ResetPassword RT::Extension::MergeUsers

Hope this helps a bit, otherwise you’ll have to provide us with more info
on what your trying to do + what your current RT_SiteConfig.pm looks like.
(and possibly debug info if available)

– Bart

Op 6 december 2011 13:15 schreef Arlon Sousa arlon.sousa@ispm.com.br het

(always reply to the list)

Looks like your trying to load the SLA plugin while RT is saying it can’t
load it.

Have you tried removing the SLA plugin from your plugins line and
restarting apache after that?

– Bart

Op 6 december 2011 14:26 schreef Arlon Sousa arlon.sousa@ispm.com.br het