Extended Workflow in RT3

Hi All,
I have just started looking into RT3 as a possible request tracking system
where I work.
(Background: testing on a freebsd 4.8 box with postgres and currently

Is the following scenario feasible in RT3, or should I look elsewhere /

write something specific :
Client(staff) make a request (I figure this could go to
[client-name][incoming queue]
Client(manager) must aprove this request (I have managed to get basic
approvals working) (he will become owner) (client wants us to manage his
internal process too.

	We could have smaller clients that just submit straight into the support

queue. (i.e. Client(staff) and Client(manager) same person) - I suspect it
might be acceptable for simplicity sake to make this the same as above.

	Then if request is approved it goes to support-department-queue .. where

it is AGAIN approved / rejected (this time by support manager).
If it is approved the support manager will either pass it to one of his
own staff (assign to)(say they needed an explanation on something) OR pass
it onto the programming department.

	Irrespective of whether it is handled by support or programming, a support

person must be assigned to look after the ticket from our side.

	In the case of it being assigned to the programming department.. the

programming department manager assigns it to a subordinate. The request can
then bounce between programming and support (various test cycles / getting
more information etc). I.e. ProgrammerA -> move back to support queue,
SupportB notified … fail -> back to ProgrammerA etc.

	And FINALLY back to the client(manager).

	Add to this, multiple products (so mulitple sets of queues). (Generally

client only uses one product).

	Any suggestions / help would be much appreciated.  I know this is

complicated, but unfortunately the above is being insisted apon.

S.L. Jellin BCom(Hons)(Rhodes)
ELCB Information Services
4a St Patricks Road Tel: +27 (0) 43 722-0757
Belgravia Fax: +27 (0) 43 722-0846
East London

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