Example (Re: critical bug with german letter)


If I try to write a comment or a reply to the same message using the
web gui, the Umlauts I enter there will be broken.

I just created a ticket using the web gui, this is the autoreply message
I got. Please note:

  • The template shows correct umlauts.
    I changed the templates for this queue on my test installation and
    entered the new template texts using the web gui. Those umlaut
    characters are not broken by the web form input.

  • The message itself shows broken umlauts.
    The umlaut characters were correct when I entered them in the web
    form, but after hitting “submit” this is what I got, both in the
    autoreply mail and in the web gui display for this ticket.

  • The browser seems to be ok.
    The problem occurs with both Mozilla and Internet Explorer. Both use
    UTF-8 unicode encoding to display the RT web gui. I used the same
    browser with the same German I18N settings to enter the template
    changes on the web gui.



[openbc.com #8] AutoReply: Umlaut Test (2.13 KB)