Everyone rights Create/Reply Tickets for multi-queue setup

For random users to create a ticket via email into a queue, the Everyone group need only the Global Right Create Ticket? And to reply to that ticket to answer questions that support staff might have for the requestor, the global right ReplyTicket is the only one needed? No end-user/requestor will ever use the website. Any/all communication with the requestor will be via email to the user and an email response back from the user.

I wanted to check, because the documentation originally starts with SeeQueue and CommentOnTicket for Everyone as a Global Right as well. Somewhere along the line, I think I added ShowTicket as well after reading some other doc.

I removed CommentOnTicket from Everyone, since only support staff should Comment anyway.

The reason this created a problem for us, is because we have three queues: helpdesk@, billing@, and managers@. Our random end-users send email to one of the first two (although I guess since Create/Reply is Global Everyone, they could also do the same to managers@ but that’s not publicized so hopefully nobody will ever get to it.) That’s our queue for escalation purposes internally.

When everyone had SeeQueue & ShowTicket, a staff person logging into RT’s At A Glance in 10 Newest Unowned Tickets, would see both the Helpdesk and Billing queue and tickets. But of course, helpdesk only wants to see helpdesk stuff, and billing only wants to see billing stuff. So I removed SQ/ST rights from Everyone and only left Create/ReplyTix for Everyone.

Now when helpdesk person logs in, he only sees helpdesk stuff (same w/accounting.) So is having only CT/RT rights for Everyone global ok? It seems to be.

The managers@ queue is used to move a ticket from helpdesk@ or billing@ into the managers@ queue, so the manager on duty can handle the tix.

This is RT382, with MySQL5067, Apache 2211 and ModPerl204.

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