Every time i open Update.html, new empty transactionappears

It would happen if you are using a scrip in the TransactionBatch stage
whose condition is set to either on comment or on correspond. I posted
the issue a week ago and received no response.


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I’m having the same problem, using mysql5.0.9, rt3.2.2 , perl5.8.7,
mod_perl and apache2 from BSD Ports.
I tried both with innodb and with it’s options comment on /etc/my.cnf
but the creation of empties comments/replies on access to Update.html
Do I have to recompile mysql without innodb?
Any other thing might be causing this problem?

Thanks in advance,


Niels Bakker wrote:

With this lines in Update.html every page open brings to a new RT
Correpondence with empty Attachment:

You’re probably not running MySQL without InnoDB, which is a
for the version of RT you’re using. Upgrade your tables.

-- Niels.


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