Escalations, vacations/holidays & weekends

Morning all

I’ve dug through the archives and wiki pages looking for some guidance
to follow on escalations, and I’m not quite finding the information I
need - I’m probably looking for the wrong thing…

We’re using a fairly ordinary set of escalations whereby a perl script
iterates over queues and tickets within the queue (filtered by status =
“new”), looks up the relevant person to email from a separate text file
for the first and second escalation, checks the due date & today’s date,
increases priority if necessary and sends an email out to prod someone.

As we’re not a 24/7 shop, and we don’t work weekends, we’d like to
factor in weekends and periods of closure (Christmas break, for

Does anyone have any working examples where the escalation depends on
the day or time of year, and is then done (for example) a day after the
break is over?



Hi Graeme;

I have very much similar script to yours, for none 7 days queues I look
up the day of the week and if its Saturday or Sunday the script exists
without doing anything …
use POSIX;
my $datestr = strftime("%A %D", localtime); ##I need day of week
$datestr =~ m/(.*) (\d+/\d+/\d+)/ ;
my $weekday = $1;
if ($weekday =~ /(Sunday|Saturday)/i) {

If you wish you can grab the week day using RT::Date.

Not a very elegant solution but works …

Graeme Fowler wrote: