Escalations by mail / rt-remind

Hi all,

I think that rt-remind is a potential answer to my problem but i’m not
sure about it.

RT 3.4.4 is used and works perfectly on my Linux box.

Off course i tried to find an answer myself but without success for the
moment … maybe you can help.

My need : I just want to send emails to ‘managers’ when some conditions
are true for some tickets. I don’t want any priority escalation through
RT::Action::SetPriority module. The script will be put in my crontab.

For example, if a ticket stays untouched in the queue ‘Alpha’ during 2
hours and if its status is ‘new’ or ‘opened’, i need to notify the
management about it through an email sent to an email adress ( always
the same ) …

I understood that rt-crontool is not a possible way to send emails.
However and as i’m not a perl addict, i can’t see how to modify
rt-remind to answer my need.

Now i’m not just sure that rt-remind is the best response to my problem
and any suggestion / how to / example will be really appreciated.

Best regards,