Error message on reminders

We have a ticket that is owned by me, Ray Corbett

Logged in as Ray Corbett I selected the ticket and set a Reminder.

That reminder displays in my Reminder Portal. All is good.

Question 1:

1: User Reza logs in. He was viewing that ticket and made a reply to it. All is good. He has some information to dig up in this regard so he wanted to set a reminder for himself to do so.
He selected the ticket and set a reminder to himself.
in his reminder portal he gets an error message saying:
Could not find ticket for reminder 67. Please Contact your Administrator

How come?
And also how do I clear the error message for him.

Question 2:
When Reza logs in and selects the Reminder tab on the reminder portal to set a reminder
He sees my (Ray Corbetts) reminder request with a clickable radio button in his reminder editor.



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