Erroneous Extra Requestors

Ok so i have some scripts that make approval tickets based of of the
parent ticket. In this template i have code to set the requestors of
the approval ticket to those of the parent ticket. Here is the code:

my $requestors=$Tickets{“TOP”}->Requestors;
my @emails=$requestors->MemberEmailAddresses();
foreach $item(@emails){
$out.=“Requestor: “.$item.”\r\n”;

Now most of the time this works fine. But some of the time extra
requestors are added that are not even mentioned in the parent ticket.
If any one sees and error in this code please send me a fix for it.
Otherwise if any one is doing the same sort of thing (setting
requestors in a template) could you send me the snippet of code you
use? That would be so helpfull. People are starting to complain
about the random messages getting sent to them.

-Karl Pietri
Northview Public Schools