Empty requestor/subject in ticket AND RT: Encode::Guess failed

I have just tried to upgrade Perl on my system, but the result was
very bad for RT.


  • Ticket is created from incoming e-mail, but subject is empty and
    requestor is empty (ticket always created by RT_System).
    AutoReply is not sent back to requestor.

  • Syslog (var/log/messages) reports:
    RT: Encode::Guess failed: ; fallback to iso-8859-1 (/home/rt/lib/RT/I18N.pm:372)

    (note empty decoder in this message).

System description:

  • RT 3.0.10, which has been running for quite a while. No problems with
    ticket creation.

    The reason I wanted to upgrade was that I had some problems with an
    incremental upgrade to Perl 5.8.3, so attachments were corrupted.
    This problem was indeed solved by reinstalling everything. Also,
    mail encoded in UTF-8 was incorrectly decoded.

  • Removed old Perl and Apache completely and made a fresh install
    (in the order given).

    Perl 5.8.4
    mod_perl 1.29 + Apache 1.3.31
    Add’l Perl modules using RT’s
    perl sbin/rt-test-dependencies … --install
    "make upgrade" in RT directory just to be sure

    (I have also tried the same with Perl 5.8.3, mod_perl 1.27 and
    Apache 1.3.27 which I had lying around. Exactly the same results.)

  • My RT_SiteConfig.pm has some tweaks related to encodings:

    @EmailInputEncodings = qw(utf-8 iso-8859-1 us-ascii) unless (@EmailInputEncodings);
    Set($EmailOutputEncoding , ‘iso-8859-1’);

  • Apache’s httpd.conf is set up with “AddDefaultCharset UTF-8”.

  • Operating system: RedHat 7.2

Going back to old version of Perl + Apache + mod_perl restores the old
behaviour, i.e. ok ticket creation but corrupted attachments.

Any help would be SO MUCH appreciated. I think RT is great, but it
really hurts that attachments are corrupted and UTF-8 messages look
funny, and the failed upgrade is so frustrating.

Best regards,

Dag Bruck
Dynasim AB, Lund, Sweden

Can anyone PLEASE help me with the problems I mailed to the
list on May 26, PLEASE? RT is great, but this is about to
break me.

I have Perl 5.8.4, latest Apache and mod_perl, and the install went
just fine. I have RT 3.0.10 and installed all Perl modules it needs.

I now get an error in Encode::Guess and tickets loose subject and
requestor. Attachements and the message text is just fine.

Dag Bruck
Dynasim AB, Sweden