Empty recipient when adding CC and AdminCC

I’m using RT 5 with msmtp for outbound email. Pretty new to RT5, but its running quite OK! Got it all working.

i cannot explain certain behavior when i create a ticket using the webinterface. I configure a single requestor, two CC-addresses and one AdminCC address. The ticket is created and i see 3 emails outbound.
The first one is the Auto-Reply email with the ticket creation message, sent only to the requestor as recipient (To-field)

the second email was the one to the AdminCC addres with content beginning with " Request ## was acted upon by ." , but only the BCC field was filled with the AdminCC address. The email did not have a recipient address (empty To-Field).

the third email sent out was more like a normal correspondence email going out to the two CC addresses, but they were both in the CC-field of the email and the email had no recipient (empty To-field).

Is this normal behavior? Especially arround the empty Recipient fields and the fact the CC-address are processed together but in a seperate outbound email?

This sounds correct to me, by default RT sends slightly different emails depending on when and why an email is sent.

You can look at Admin->Global->Scrips to see the automation that handles sending email.

There are separate scrips for sending email to Cc or AdminCc and there are some scrips that run on ticket create and auto reply to the requestor.

Hope that helps clear it up!