Email file to Custom Field and check to receipt

In the past (and currently) I’ve used similar code to the code found here:

To automate a lot of interaction for deployment processes as well as
workflow. I’m now working on some more workflow issues that require that we
attach images to tickets and in order to continue the images must be
present. (I’m not getting into the issue of the proper image being attached,
yet!) I would like to allow the user to be able to send the image as an
email attachment to the ticket and have a Scrip pull the attachment and
place it into the CustomField that it belongs. I know this has a ton of
potential issues with MIME attachments and such but I’m wondering if anyone
has done something like this before and if so are they willing to share.

Also… I’m wondering if even if I can’t do that how easy it would be to at
least check that the CustomField has a value. Just not sure if the check is
different since it is an “upload” field and not a normal text/integer/date


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