Email delivery suspended message displayed next to a requesters name


Has anyone ever see the message “email delivery suspended” displayed next
to a requesters email address in RT? If yes, do you know what it means?


In the interest of resurrecting this thread, yes, I have one account in my system that has that message next to the requester. That requester cannot receive any email from RT. I too would love to know the solution to the problem.


Takes optional Ticket argument in paramhash. Returns a string, suitable

for localization, describing any notable properties about email delivery

to the user. This includes lack of email address, ticket-level

squelching (if C is provided in the paramhash), or user email

delivery preferences.

Looks like either the user does not have an email address or they set their email preferences to not receive email

The odd thing is when the user logs in they have no options that indicate they can change this. Is there a setting that I need to change to allow users to change this?

Setting->Preferences under the mail section you can choose to suspend mail for the Email delivery setting

Thanks, knation. Unprivileged users don’t appear to have that option. I’m guessing there’s a permission I need to change to allow it.

Since that isn’t the default behavior I would assume at some point that user had rights and changed that setting, but yes you can give some rights to allow them to edit their own user settings if they want to change that value.

Yes, that user used to be a privileged user. I’ve looked at the permissions and it’s not obvious to me what to do. If you happen to know, please do share, but I’ve found a work around by changing existing account email and username fields and creating a new account with the appropriate values. Thanks.

I knows there is the ModifySelf right, I am not certain if any others are needed though