Email creating duplicate tickets

I’ve set up a 5.0.3 instance with an upgraded 4.4.4 db. When I submit a ticket via email, two identical tickets are created in RT. We have a Google Workspace with domain and I’ve confirmed the email box there only gets one email (as expected). I realize this means there’re probably two things on the server polling for emails but I can’t figure out what.

I have this in /etc/aliases:
helptest: "|/var/www/html/requesttracker/bin/rt-mailgate --queue YLN --action correspond --url"

And this in fetchmailrc:

set daemon 60
set invisible
set postmaster administrator
set no syslog
set logfile /var/log/fetchmail.log
poll protocol pop3 port 995 username "" password "xxxxxx" ssl mda "/var/www/html/requesttracker/bin/rt-mailgate --queue YLN --action correspond --url" nokeep

I did a grep across the entire server for and it didn’t find any but this one instance. Any ideas of where I might look next?

I commented out the ‘set daemon’ line and now it’s only creating one ticket. I don’t know why it still works without that line but all’s well that ends well, yes?

Odds you have a cronjob enabled for fetchmail?

Nope. Crontab is empty.

Maybe you know already: There are several “cron”. So at least user’s crontab at /var/spool/, system crontab at /etc/crontab and files in /etc/cron.d/.

Maybe you run fetchmail twice, one on system-level and one on user-level?

You should know how your mails enter the system. So enable logging and watch the mail.log to see who is delivering the same mail twice to the local mda. Use ps to find the running fetchmail.

kind regards, Andre.

On first glance these files don’t show duplicated efforts but I’ll try logging. Thank you.