Email CC Contacts on Reply

I apologize if this seems like a simple question, I’m relatively new
to Request Tracker and have search the web for a resolution, but have
not had any success and I’d like to consider myself somewhat
intelligent. How can I get RT to email the CC contacts on reply,
either by a reply via email or the web interface. It emails out any
users/groups listed as Queue Watchers. But when I manually add a
group to CC for that particular ticket it will not email that group
when someone replies to the ticket. I thought a simple scrip
consisting of on correspond email CC. And this is not an email
bouncing/denying issue. RT does not even attempt to send to this
group. Any help is appreciated and hopefully my description of the
problem is adequate.


Eric Koons
Service Electric Cable TV and Communications
Office: 610-841-8355
Mobile: 484-241-6837