Editing ShowCustomFields file to maintain Custom Field value formatting

Simon Jester <sklutch hostile.org> writes:

Okay, issue resolved. One of the programmers here pointed out that I’d picked
the wrong place for the insertion and showed me were it should go.

Much thanks to everyone who responded off-list (Todd Chapman, Joe Casadonte)
for their assistance.

Sorry, Todd, but CallBacks have always been my nemesis. I don’t recall having
gotten a single one to work for me, ever…

Thanks, Joe, but I got your email after my programmer had already laughed at me
and tweaked the file…

I still love RT and the fact that I can customize it, I just wish I had my
Perl-wings/Mason-fins and could cleanly dive in and customize with abandon.

Now, on to the next “emergency”/fire…


<<<<Begin snippet/diff code>>>>

<&|/l&>(no value)</&>
% } elsif ( $count == 1 ) {

   %   $print_value->( $CustomField, $Values->First );

% } else {

    % while ( my $Value = $Values->Next ) {

    diff results for file: