Editing '10 newest unowned tickets'


We’ve just completed our upgrade to RT 3.6.1; it includes many
features that our staff had requested. Thanks!

Our new RT is running on Solaris 10 in a Solaris zone with Apache
2.0.58, mod_perl 2.0.2 and Perl 5.8.8. We had previously (RT 3.4.5)
modified RT’s ‘10 newest tickets’ widget on the front page to
exclude tickets in our SPAM queue. I’m still getting used to the
3.6.1 New World Order, but did notice that I could edit the search
via the web interface.

Can an admin user modify that search for all users? When I tried to
add a rule to ignore SPAM tickets in the ‘newest tickets’ widget,
the change seemed to work, however the rows of ticket information in
the widget no longer appear as links. The ticket subject, ID and
queue all used to be links; now, they’re rendered like so:

<tr class="evenline" ><td class="collection-as-table" ><a>ID</a></td>
<td class="collection-as-table" ><a>SUBJECT</a></td>
<td class="collection-as-table" >QUEUE</td>
<td >class="collection-as-table" >STATUS</td>
<td >class="collection-as-table" >CREATED</td>
<td >class="collection-as-table" ></td></tr> 

There are no targets for the anchor tags. After we had upgraded (and
before I edited the search), the anchors worked.

Is this a bug? Reverting the edit to the search caused SPAM tickets
to be displayed, but didn’t fix the broken links.


[Will Maier]-----------------[willmaier@ml1.net|http://www.lfod.us/]