Duplicate tickets and MapToExistingTicket plugin


First time poster here. Frequently we have users CC our help desk email address (so the support team stays in the loop) when emailing others. As a result, through the process of emailing and ‘reply all’, our RT system generates many duplicate tickets.

It was suggested to try a MapToExistingTicket plugin extension as it would handle duplicate tickets with the same subject and also Re: (Re: Re: Re:) etc.

I’ve installed the plugin following README instructions, added the local_attachments1 index to the attachments table, updated RT_SiteConfig.pm with the extension, sudo rm -rf /opt/rt4/var/mason_data/obj, and restarted httpd.

However, when I test the extension by generating an email (using the mail -s command) and subsequent emails using the same subject or re: , I am still getting just as many duplicate emails.

I’m hoping someone might have a suggestion to either troubleshoot the plugin or offer up alternative solutions? Ultimately I think it could be fixed at the source with better user training but we have many users that may or may not follow the help desk team’s advice.

Thanks in advance!


I don’t believe that extension is on metacpan, but I believe the code you are referencing uses email headers to find existing tickets. Meaning having the same subject won’t work.

If you Cc another email address in your first email into RT then when the other address replies to all the headers from the original email will be present allowing RT to try and find the existing ticket.

Thanks for the response! Very helpful. I was able to test it with replyall using mailx and it does seem to be working.